Verbal Artists

Many of the students from The DJ School Association eventually graduate into fully fledged artists in their own right, and take their skills on the road with the Verbal Arts crew to venues all over the UK.

There are several students in the Skills to Earn program, which encourages students to enter into a mock-work situation. They receive no compensation other than their expenses but take on all the tasks and organisation incurred by recording an album or going on tour, to prepare them for a real, professional working environment.

Please visit the websites individually to view their work.

Please note that all our current students are currently undergoing 'simulated work training'. This means that they record albums, do tours, put work in galleries etc but receive no monetary compensation for it. It is part of their practical assessment for the Skills to Earn workshop.

To find out more or to enquire about offering a venue for the artists to perform in, please contact us via the DJ School Association.